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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
BEAUTIFUL! Military Model 1863 Production .44 Caliber Henry Brass Frame Rifle
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What a beautiful weapon! This is one of the most elusive of all Civil War weapons. This is the .44 caliber, 15 shot rifle that was manufactured by the New Haven Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut. There were only 14,000 of these guns made in their production run between 1860 and 1866. The serial number of this gun of 3,256 lets us know that it was made in 1863. These guns were often purchased by soldiers at their own expense because it gave them a severe advantage when they went into battle. This one however is one of the government purchased ones that are much more scarce. At the breech of the barrel as well as on the stock cartouche, it has the "C.G.C." initials of the U.S. Government inspector, Charles G. Curtis. Curtis is the inspector who approved the gun for military service. The Government purchases guns show up int he 3,000 to 4,000 serial number range. These markings also make this Henry more desirable than most of the rare Henry rifles that you encounter. They were deadly and accurate and often used for sharpshooting. Along the top of the full-length 24 inch barrel it proudly reads "HENRY'S PATENT, OCT. 16, 1860 / MANUFACT'D BY THE NEW HAVEN ARMS, CO. NEW HAVEN, CT." As you see, the barrel and metal parts have a overall dark tone with the pinprick style finish flaking. The Henry rifle was the most desired gun of the Civil War because it gave the soldier the ability to fire 15 shots without reloading. Under the barrel, it has the tubular magazine that held the 15 .44 caliber rimfire cartridges. This is the gun that was the forerunner of the famous Winchester rifle. It has the very distinctive brass frame and this one has a wonderful honey color patina to the brass. It is simply gorgeous. The mechanics of the gun works crisply as it should. The walnut wood stock has a beautiful lighter tone. The brass buttplate is also present and it too has a fine golden color. The buttplate is designed with the door that opens to reveal the compartment that would have held the 4-piece cleaning rod. The rods are still inside and in fine condition. This gun has an amazingly beautiful look all over. This piece of history came from the museum like personal collection of Country Music Icon, Hank Williams, Jr. About 20 years ago, the first time I went to his office, he was showing me around and this gun stopped me in my tracks. It is a beautiful gun and over the years I have seen it in his gun room and admired it for the fantastic look it has! Don't miss this one!

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