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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
These are artifacts that are superior in Condition, Rarity or Both. They are pieces for the discerning collector.
BATTLE OF FRANKLIN! College Hill "CSA" Guard Confederate Cavalry Officer Saber
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I wish that this one could talk! This is a great piece of Civil War history! It is an original Confederate cavalry officer's saber. This is the beautifully designed style that was made in Nashville., Tennessee. Although it is not maker marked we know who made it because of the style of the guard itself. It has the block style "CSA" lettering underneath the blade and above the blade to the right it has the unadorned banner that sometimes says "NASHVILLE PLOW WORKS". Collectors have always referred to this pattern as the "College Hill" This pattern is illustrated on page #38 & 39 in Albaugh's Photographic supplement to Confederate Swords book. What is special about this one is the paper label on the scabbard between the mounts. It is mostly present and reads "Rebel sabre found at the Battle of Franklin 1864". This one has a great tone all over with the "CSA" letters in the guard being vividly clear as you can see in the pictures. It has the iron backstrap which is correct for a College Hill saber. The handle of the sword has the original wooden base with the leather and the double strand brass wire beautifully restored with a very pleasing look. The blade is full-length with a dark, almost black, color all over. Now for the extra cool part! Since Nashville fell so early in the War, February of 1862, there were very few of these swords ever made. Since we know that this sword was found at the battle of Franklin in 1864, we know that it saw service for those two and half years. Somewhere along that usage, the original Confederate scabbard was lost or damaged and the Rebel replaced it with the scabbard we see on the sword. This scabbard is one of the imported scabbards for use on an 1840 "Wristbreaker". You can see where the throat at the top has been used extensively. It makes you wonder where the sword was at an what it saw. It didn't just sit in an attic, this sword was used. The scabbard has the bumps and bruises form service. It has the original throat and drag intact as well as both of the mounts and rings. If you have wanted an original and historic Confederate made sword with "CSA" in the guard then this one is for you.

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