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Original State of Massachusetts Brigadier General's Coat of Eliab Ward
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Here is a great looking piece. This is an original pre-Civil War Brigadier General Officer's coat. This coat is double-breasted with rows of 8 buttons marked with a famous Arm design holding the sword and around the edge of each button it reads "Mass Volunteer Militia." Each of the buttons have the correct pre-Civil War maker's markings from the Attleboro, Massachusetts firm owned by R&W Robinson. The buttons are properly spaced for Brigadier General Officer's frock coat. It is designed with the bell-shaped elbows that are 7 inches at the widest. They taper down to the 4 inch functional cuffs. On the cuffs, there are 4 original Massachusetts cuff buttons intact. The coat is designed with the skirt measures 17" to the correct early production style rough edge. It has the white collar that stands 2-1/4th inches in height. On the shoulders of the coat it has the shoulder straps with the single star that denote the rank of Brigadier General. The inner section of one of the straps has had the cloth replaced. It is mentioned for exactness and it is priced accordingly. The reverse of the coat has the center vent on the back with 2 sets of 2 buttons as well as the 2 pockets in the tails. When you open up the coat you are greeted by the sleeve lining and a portion of the chest lining. There is also traces of the lower section lining. When you look inside the collar, you can see the original owner's name "E WARD". These came from the estate of General Eliab. He served as a Brigadier General in the Massachusetts militia from 1852 until 1856 when he was relieved of his duties. With these dates, we know that this coat is 100% made before the Civil War and it looks great when on a mannequin.

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