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Edged Weapons
Garrard's Tigers Identified High Grade Staff Officer's Sword
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COOL! That's the first thing I thought when I looked at the this sword. It stands out right off the bat when you see the large quillion that is designed as the Tiger. When you know more about the owner of the sword, it makes the tiger so important. The blade is full-length at 30-3/4th inches. You can see the original factory etching on each side. The front side of the blade has the Union eagle with the "EPLURIBUS UNUM" national motto that translates as "Of One, Many". It also has the floral and patriotic designs. On the back side of the blade, it has the "US" lettering in the center with matching floral and patriotic designs. At the base of the blade, it has the stamped maker marking of the Horster firm on Solingen, Germany. They produced many high quality edged weapons for well-t-do Union soldiers during the Civil War. What makes it extra special is something that is easy to overlook. On the spine of the blade, It is etched "E. VERN JEWELL". The records show that E. Vern Jewell was a 23 year old first lieutenant that mustered into the 146th New York Infantry on October 10th 1862. The 146th New York Infantry was known as "Garrard's Tigers" and the 5th Oneida was recruited in Oneida County and organized in Rome. They fought with the Army of the Potomac. Their first battle was at Fredericksburg, Virginia. Then they were int he thick of the fighting at Chancellorsville. Jewell was promoted to the rank of Captain on December 25th 1862. In June of 1863, he got sunstroke which affected his "...nervous system and brain." He would later be discharged for disability. Just a month later, his regiment fought near Little Round Top at Gettysburg. He survived until August 11th 1917 when he died in Chicago. With serving with Garrard's Tigers. it makes perfect sense that he would want a sword with the tiger quillion. The brass of the handguard has the floral pattern with fine detail chase work. The pommel cap is just as stylish with the large face in the style of Medusa with the snake hair. On the handle of the sword, it has the wooden core with the sharkskin wrap intact. It has the double twist brass wire that is flanked on each side by the single strand brass wire. The sword is accompanied by the original leather and brass scabbard. The leather body displays well with a nice used look. The brass furniture of the scabbard have the extra detail work. The top mount has the "US" lettering and shield design. The brass drag of the scabbard has the matching "US" lettering and another more stylish shield pattern. This is a wonderful and stylish sword and we know exactly who carried it!

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