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Medical Items from the Civil War Era
Edged Weapons
WOW! Custom Made Medical Staff Officer's Sword from Horstmann
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Here is a wonderful sword. This is an original Civil War era medical sword. This sword is a custom made piece mixing the standard medical staff officer's sword with the Model 1860 staff & field officer's sword. It has the full-length blade that measures at 30-1/4th inches in length. It has the gorgeous etching still clearly visible on each side. The front side has the floral and geometric designs with the Union eagle and the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto that translates as "OF ONE, MANY!". On the back of the blade has the large, proud "United States Medical Staff". On the back side of the blade it has the vividly clear "W.H. HORSTMANN & SONS" to go along with the "PHILADELPHIA" etching on the front side. On the base of the back side of the blade below the Horstmann mark and it has the remnants of the king's head marking that lets us know that it was made for Horstmann in Solingen, Germany. Many quality edged weapons were made in Europe for private sale to well to do Union officers. The handguard is the classic style of the U.S. Model 1860 Staff & Field Officer's Sword. The front clam shell has the beautiful Union eagle with the arrows of war in one talon and the branch of peace in the other. On the back side of the handguard, it has the clam shell that fold down when not in service. One custom trait of the sword is that the sword grip itself is made of a single piece of ornate cast brass with the wonderful detail work. The sword is accompanied by the original scabbard which is the classic style for the Medical staff officers. It has the ornate heavy brass mounts and drag on the brass body. At the top of the scabbard, it has the original brass throat intact. All three of the suspension rings are intact on the mounts. This is a fantastic sword that is out of the ordinary and exceptional.

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