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Wonderful 1835-1836 Artillery Shako Hat Made by John Baker
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This is an amazing display piece! It is an original military hat from the 1830's. This is the pattern that is a version of the hats illustrated on page 287 of the O'Donnell & Campbell book on Headgear Insignia. This is the military hat that is referred to as a "Shako" hat. This one was made in 1835 or 1836 and we know this because of the maker label on the inside of the hat. It has the label of John B. Baker with the address of 2 Elm Street in Boston. He was only located at this address in 1835 and 1836. The label reads "JOHN B. BAKER. / SADDLE, TRUNK, / AND , MILITARY CAP / MANUFACTURER, / NO. 2, ELM STREET, / BOSTON". The body of the hat is constructed of a straight polished leather section with the leather top over a cardboard lining. The top has the brass band to accent the brass visor and hat plate. On each side it has the side plates made of stamped brass with the eagle in the center. One side has the hook and the other side has the ring in the center of the eagle design. On the hat plate it has the applied "CG" letters made of silvered copper. This would have been the the letters that stood for the militia unit of the soldiers. Above the hat plate it has the black cockade with the 1-piece eagle artillery button. The button has the "A" in the shield on the eagle's chest to denote the artillery branch of service. Somewhere along the line it has had the woven white piece added for display. This piece is from the Indian War era but displays well on the hat. When you turn the hat over you see that original maker's label. You also see the original sweat band. The is a name of "Geo. Meldrum". That name needs more research. On the underside of the visor it has a name scratched into the paint. It actually looks like "Rafaele" but it wasn't me I promise. This is a wonderful military hat that is almost 190 years old!

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