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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
CASED! Gold Washed Blade Civil War Staff & Field Officer Sword by Horstmann
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If you have ever wondered what a high-grade sword would've look like when it left the factory, well here's your answer. This is a gorgeous untouched example of a high-grade staff and field officer sword from the Civil War. The blade is full-length at 32 inches and at the base you see the retailer's marking of the firm of W. H. Horstmann and Sons of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Horstmann was one of the premier outfitters for military goods during the Civil War. On the back of the blade you can see the standing Knight design trademark of the firm of Clauberg of Solingen Germany. They produced many of the high quality blades that were used in union officer swords such as this. What makes this blade special is that it is one of the ones that was gold washed to make the detail stand out. As you can see it worked beautifully and this one still retains the gold and the right places to accentuate each design on the blade. The front of the blade has the beautiful spread wing Eagle with the arrows of war in one Talon and the branch of peace in the other. Coming out of her beak is the banner with the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto which translates to "of many, one." At the base of the blade it has the stand of arms that includes a suit of armor, flags, shield can cannon barrel. On the back of the blade it has the fancy script style "US" lettering in the center with another stand of arms at the base. Along the spine of the blade it has the branch design with "IRON PROOF" wording which was a quality Mark to denote that the steel of the blade was good enough to cut iron. The handguard of the sword is another high quality piece. It is constructed of brass and has the spread wing Eagle design with the shield below and the flags and raise in the background. The pommel is also very ornate with the original gold gilding still present. The handle of the sword is constructed of German silver and has a wonderful patina. It has the spring style wire in the center and that is flanked on each side by the double twist copper wire. It has the original officer grade sword knot attached to the hand guard. The sword is accompanied by the original steel and sharkskin covered wooden scabbard from the factory. As you can see it has the heavy brass mounts and drag still intact. The reins are the higher-quality as well. The mounts have the patriotic military designs in the center of each one. The heavy cast drag has the floral design with the acorns by the leaves. The original throat of the scabbard is still intact on the top. The sword comes beautifully displayed int he original leather covered wooden case. The case looks like a large version of a violin case. When you open up the lid, you are greeted by the deep blue interior lining. As you see, the gold gilding of the sword displays beautifully beside the blue of the lining. The sword and case are also accompanied by an original officer style crimson sash. This is a excellent sword with the case and sash as a bonus. What a display!

Item #: C2021
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
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