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Longarms - Flintlock Muskets
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Beautifully Crafted Gold Washed Turkish Miquelet Pattern .62 Caliber Rifle
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Sometimes a gun can also be a work of art. This is one of those guns. This pattern is referred to by collectors as a "Miquelet" flintlock. It is likely Turkish in manufacture and would have been made in the mid-1800's. This gun fires a bullet of approximately .62 caliber. The barrel is full-length at 21 inches. As you can see, this gun is finely crafted with silver and gold detail work. The barrel has the beautiful gold embellishments around the muzzle as well as around the breech. The stock has a round butt without a buttplate. The last 3-3/4th inches of the stock is smooth with an applied silver star and silver crescent moon on each side. The wood is finished in a tiger stripe pattern from end of forestock to band around the smooth portion of the buttstock. On the underside of the gun, it no longer has the ramrod and there is some loss to the wood around the ramrod channel. There are two brass pins that look like barrel retaining pins but they are not and the barrel raises freely from the stock. All of the metal components have a pleasing brown patina except for the gold patterns applied around breech, muzzle, action, and tang. The rifle is equipped with three aperture sights cut into a non-adjusting rear sight block with a fixed front blade. The external parts of the lock are detailed in gold and have a gorgeous untouched tone. The top jaw of the hammer is missing and appears to have been gone for eons. One thing that really makes this one display well is that there is an impressive silver plate is applied over stock and breech area in geometric and floral patterns. As you can see, the gun has a wonderful look and displays well. I bought this one a couple of years ago and it has been proudly on my wall in my relic room. I decided to let it have a new home. Don't miss this one.

Item #: C1898
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