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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
HYDE & GOODRICH OF NEW ORLEANS! Silver Detailed .44 Single Shot Pistol
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This is a beautifully designed pistol. It was sold by one of the premier fine quality retailers of weapons in the Antebellum South, Hyde & Goodrich of New Orleans. As for the gun itself, it is wonderfully hand crafted. It fires a single shot of about .44 caliber from the full-length barrel. The gun measures 14-1/2 inches in overall length with the barrel making up 8-7/8ths of those inches. It is made with the octagonal barrel with inlaid silver marks on the top flat that read "HYDE & GOODRICH NEW=ORLEANS." There are also foliate inlays surrounding the mark. The bolster area is heavily engraved, as is the entire lock, hammer, barrel tang, side plate, trigger guard, nipple area, safety lock lever, & butt cap. The name is beautifully crafted. The gun is iron mounted with the iron trigger, and also sports the rear notch sight, as well as the inset fine silver blade front sight. Enhancing the display, it has the lock, breech, side plate, triggerguard, and tang that are relief chiseled in the backgrounds. The back action style lockplate is still functional on both of the positions. It even has the swivel style safety below the bolster. The 1-piece dark wood stock has fluted & relief carved grip. On the wrist of the stock, it has the inlaid silver inset. This is an exceptional piece from the foremost New Orleans retailer, Hyde & Goodrich.

Item #: C1867
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
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