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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets of .58 Caliber
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Lovel Catch Upgraded British Pattern 1842 Socket Bayonet by Osborn
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Here is an original socket bayonet for the British Pattern 1842 adorned with the Lovell’s Catch Socket Bayonet. Although not adopted until late in 1844, the bayonet is referred to as the Pattern 1842 in most references and saw use with nearly all of the Pattern 1842 muskets produced, as well with many of the earlier Pattern 1839 muskets that were upgraded to the Lovell Catch system. The bayonet started out life as a Brown Bess style musket that was so often used during the American Revolution and after. The bayonet itself would have started out life from just before the war of 1812 because of the maker Mark at the base of the blade. It still shows the "OSBORN" maker's Mark. The Brown Bess Bayonet by Graham Priest, states that Osborn made bayonets from 1796-1808. This has the attractive look to it with the long 4 inch socket. It is about 21-1/2 inches overall with a 17 inch blade. The inside of the blade side of the socket measures .933 in inside diameter and the musket side of the socket measures .968 inches in inside diameter. It has a attic patina all over with the dark look as you can see in the images. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THESE BAYONETS WERE HAND FITTED TO THE GUN. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE ONE DOES NOT MEAN THAT THIS ONE WILL FIT YOUUR GUN. This is a very cool war of 1812 bayonet and is at a fine price for something that is about 200 years old.

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