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Swords Used by the Artillery Branch of Service
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
VERY COOL! Late 1700's Basket Guard Grenadier Sword Likely French
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This sword has a wonderfully cool look! It is a sword that is referred to as a Grenadier Sword. A Grenadier was originally a soldier who was skilled at throwing hand grenades during battle. By the 18th century, the grenadier dedicated to throwing hand grenades had become a less necessary specialist, yet in battle, the grenadiers were the physically robust soldiers who led vanguard assaults, such as storming fortifications in the course of siege warfare. This one measures 35 inches in overall length with the blade making up 28 of those inches. This grenadier saber appears to be from the late 1700's to the early 1800's. It is likely of French origin but may be from a neighboring country. The full-length blade has a wide fuller with a secondary fuller near the spine. The blade is etched over the first 7-3/4th inches with foliate designs, a goddess, a spray of arms. It has the etched motto that reads "UNITAS & LIBERTAS" that stands for "Unity & Liberty". What really makes this sword stand out is the design of the brass hilt with a 4-slot counter guard & large semi-basket guard. The guard is featuring a central flaming bomb with 3 Fleur de Lys design. It has the unadorned knuckle bow with the large plumed helmet pommel above a plain backstrap. On the handle of the sword, it has the leather wrapped grip. The sword is accompanied by the brass mounted leather body scabbard. The top of the brass has the stud on the side so it could be worn with an over the shoulder sling. This is a gorgeous sword with a ton of character.

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