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Attractive Sharps & Hankins Naval Carbine With Leather Covered Barrel
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This is a great looking original Civil War Sharps & Hankins patent naval carbine. This model 1862 carbine is one of the most distinctive weapons of the Civil War. They stand out because they were designed with the leather covering that is on the barrel. This was designed to help prevent the barrel from rusting because of the salt air of the sea. This one has a fine amount of the original leather cover and the leather is as has a pleasing look after all of these years. Most of the time the leather is shredded or completely missing but it is nice on this one. The stitching along the bottom of the leather is still together after all of the years. At the breech of the barrel it has the original sight intact. The loading action is also unique to this pattern of gun. When you drop the triggerguard the entire barrel moves forward so the single cartridge can be inserted. When you drop the lever, you can see some of the case colors on the left hand side of the lever. The frame has the "SHARPS & HANKINS PHILADA" makers mark as well as the "SHARPS PATENT 1859" on the back side of the frame. The back side of the frame has a nice amount of the original factory case coloration. It has the matching serial numbers of 7,203. According to Flayderman's guide there were only 8,000 of these carbines made with the serial numbers being intermingled with the model 1861 rifles. The stock has a wonderful dark look to the original walnut wood that displays well with the brass buttplate. It has the original rear sight intact with a fine look. The action of the gun works very well on all positions. The slide safety on the left hand side of the hammer is still present and accounted for. These are often missing in action. This is a very pretty overall Civil War carbine you don't often see offered for sale that often.

Item #: C705
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