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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Only 300 Delivered! Rare J.N. Ward Patent Tape Primer Musket of a Whitney
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This is one of the rarest guns you will ever get a chance to own. This is one of the guns that were converted from flintlock to percussion utilizing the patented system developed by J.N Ward . Ward had the idea of using a tape primer system rather than the percussion cap. Instead of mounting the tape feed mechanism inside the lock he developed the system internally in the hammer of the gun. On the back of the hammer it has the remnants of the Ward Mark as well as the July 1, 1856 patent. According to the records the state of New York contracted for 1,200 of these guns in 1857. It appears that of this contract less than 300 of the guns are believed to have been delivered. On the lock plate you can see the markings from the original production when the gun was a flintlock. It was made in New Haven, Connecticut by the firm of Eli Whitney. The barrel is full-length at 42 inches and fires a 69 caliber smoothbore musket ball. It has the original large size brass cone front sight intact that is almost always missing. At the back of the barrel it has the base portion of the very distinctive short, single leaf rear sight. When they converted the gun to use the Ward style hammer they added a very distinctive bolster to the breech of the barrel as you can see in the images. The stock of the gun has a rich dark tone to the Walnut wood. On the flat of the stock opposite the lock plate it has the traces of the inspector cartouche still visible. The stock has several bumps and bruises from service and a couple of spots of repair. It has had a wrist repair long ago. Underneath the gun it still retains both of the original bell shaped sling swivels and they still pivot. In the channel underneath the barrel is the original ramrod. This is a fine displaying gun with the very scarce Ward tape primer conversion system. It isn't often that you get a chance at one of these guns so don't miss your opportunity.

Item #: C403
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
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