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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Under $750
Edged Weapons
Etched Blade Late 1800's German Infantry Officer Sword by Hand Romer
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This is a cool looking sword for the money! This is an original late 1800's production German Infantry Officer Sword by Hans Romer. This one is the full-length 33 inch blade and the sword measures 38 inches in overall length. It is crafted with a single edge spear point blade with 22" wide off-center fullers and central ridges to both sides. The brass hilt has a B-shaped knuckle guard, sharkskin wrapped grip. On top of the grip, it has the original braided and straight wiring. It has the brass guard with the single swept quillon guard with two chiseled cutaways. On the blade, it is marked with a {knight helmet}/U to right side ricasso which is a Solingen maker marking. The sides of the blade features acid etched details and banner that reads "In/Treue/Fest" on both sides. This is German for "steadfast in loyalty; firm in fidelity" which was the motto of the Kingdom of Bavaria (1805–1918). On the backside of spine is also etched HANS ROMER NEU ULM. The sword is accompanied by the original black painted scabbard with single hanger. What a cool sword for the money!

Item #: B9996
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