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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
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VERY RARE! 1850 Dated U.S. Purchased Ames Foot Officer Sword
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This is one scarce sword! It is the U.S. Model 1850 foot officer's dress sword. What is rare about the piece is that it is one of only 575 of the ones that were part of the U.S. Government purchase of Ames 1850 foot officer's swords in 1862. They bought 604 of them that were all delivered in 1851 with some being inspected by one of two inspectors. There is a nice write up on pages 248 and 250 in the Army Swords book by John Thillmann. In our 20+ years of relic dealing we have been able to offer only a couple of them. As he states most of them are well worn and this one is no exception. The blade is full-length at 30-1/2 inches. It has an impressive amount of etching visible on both sides of the blade that is a dove gray color. The front side has the floral and patriotic images including the spread wing style Union eagle with the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto. On the back it has more etching that includes the block letter "US" in the center. At the base of the blade it has the etched "Ames Mfg. Co. Chicopee Mass." On the base of the front side of the blade, it is stamped with the "1850" date with the "US" stamp along with the "A.D.K" inspector initials that approved the sword for military use. These are the initials of the inspector A.D. King who approved swords. The guard and pommel cap have a great looking untouched golden color to the brass. Each parts still retains a beautiful amount of the original gold gilding down in the protected areas. On the top of the pommel cap it has the pair of inspector initials. The handle of the sword retains the original sharkskin grip with the original double twist brass wire. The sword is accompanied by the original leather and brass scabbard. It is the correct one from the factory and even has the original Ames maker marking stamped on the back side of the scabbard throat. This is a very scarce piece that is in well used but not abused condition. You won't likely find another one like this any time soon.

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