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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Edged Weapons
WONDERFUL! Wooden Scabbard Marshall Style Confederate Straight Blade Cavalry Saber
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Here is a wonderful piece! It is an original Confederate cavalry saber. This is the classic style that is attributed as being made by the firm of Kraft, Goldschmidt & Kraft of Columbia, South Carolina. They are often referred to as being a "Marshall" cavalry. Early on they believed that they were made by Marshall of Georgia. This pattern of sword is illustrated on page 107 of Shannon's Pritchard's book on Collecting the Confederacy. They are very distinctive even though they are completely unmarked. This one has the very long 36 inch blade that is almost completely straight. This one is full-length with a great look. It has the single hand forged fuller on each side of the blade. The handle on the sword has a very pleasing look. It has the classic smooth front side of the guard with the flowing hand guard branches. The handle of the sword still retains it original wooden core after all of the years as well as traces of the leather and the single strand wire. The original pommel cap is present on the handle and it has a rich patina. You can see the casting bubbles in the brass where it was made in a sand mold. The sword accompanied by the original scabbard. These swords are made using the 2-piece wooden panel body with the iron and brass mounts. It enhances the display tremendously. On the back side of the top mount, it has the initials "E.R." scratched into the factory black paint. The body of the scabbard is solid. The mounts have the iron body with the brass mounts and one of the original two iron rings. At the throat of the scabbard it has the brass cap intact that is so often lost. The iron body and brass drag is present. This is a great untouched Confederate cavalry saber that displays beautifully.

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