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Authtentic Military Images
Cool Small Tintype Image Of A Post-Civil War Boatswain Mate
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This is a really neat tintype image of a post-Civil War sailor. This is the odd size that measures approximately 2 inches by 1-1/2 inches in overall size. This one shows the full-length view of a sailor in uniform. It stands out from the rest because of the boatswain whistle around his neck. On the Navy website they state that "Boatswain’s Mates are the heart of every ship. As one of them, you’ll perform a wide range of duties, making you the jack-of-all-trades on ships and on shore. Whether you’re standing watch as a lookout, assisting as a search and rescue swimmer, or piping calls during a Navy ceremony, this job is one that comes with adventure and pride." You can tell that he is proud of his position. The image is missing the casing. A cool and affordable image of a well armed Union cavalryman.

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