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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Scarce "Cadet" Version of the U.S. Model 1858 Rifle Musket From Springfield
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This is one of the most elusive weapons of the Civil War era. This is the gun that is officially known as the US model 1858 cadet rifle musket. According to Flayderman, they only produced 2,501 one of these at the Springfield Armory, from 1858 until 1860. Upon 1st look, they appear to be a standard US model 1855 rifled musket. When you look closely you notice that there are several differences. The barrel is only 38 inches in overall length compared to the model 1855's 40 inch barrel. The butt of the rifle is 1 inch shorter than the musket and the fore end is 2 inches shorter and the gun utilizes a smaller buttplate. This one is 100 percent complete with a beautiful look all over. The lock plate has the desirable Springfield Armory marking as well as the production date of 1860. These guns, like their model 1855 counterpart, utilized the Maynard tape primer system instead of the percussion cap. The Maynard tape primer system was a role of fulminant charges that worked similar to a role of caps for a toy gun. When the hammer was cocked back, the tape would feedforward instead of placing a percussion cap on the nipple. The hammer is notched and that design was intended to cut the paper of the primer. This one has all of the internal parts that still work correctly as they should. The door on the primer compartment has the beautiful spread wing union Eagle deeply stamped into the metal. The barrel is full-length with the original front and rear sights intact. The rear sight has the base design with both of the original leafs intact. At the breech of the barrel, you can still see the Eagle head stamp as well as the "VP" marking. The stock of the gun is constructed of a single piece of beautiful, dark American Walnut wood. On the back side of the stock , it has the "ESA" inspector cartouche of Erskin Allin which is correct for s Springfield production gun. On the end of the forestock, it has the brass nose cap intact with a very pleasing mellow tone to the brass. Underneath the gun it has the original full-length swelled shank ramrod intact. It also has both of the original sling swivels and they still pivot. This is a great looking scarce original US model 1858 cadet rifle musket from the famous Springfield Armory.

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