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Original Civil War Era Carte-de-Visite Images of Union Officers & Enlistedmen
BELGIAN RIFLE! Original CDV Image of a Union Soldier with 1859 Rifle
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This is a nice looking original CDV image of a Civil War Union soldier. The soldiers would buy these from the photographers in the cities or even from traveling photographers that would come to camp. They would purchase them in small quantities to send home to family or friends. This one shows the middle-aged Union soldier in his full uniform. He is wearing the enlistedman's frock style military coat. He has the cartridge box and sling across his chest and you can see the eagle breastplate. In his lap he proudly holds his French model 1859 2-band rifle and he is ready for action. These guns are distinctive because of the long range rear sight and room on the end for the saber style bayonet. Around his waist he has the classic oval style belt buckle and you can see the percussion cap box as well as the canteen on his hip. The back of the card stock is unmarked as they so often are but it has the design with the open center. This one is as tall as most but was produced thinner than the usual CDVs. It measures 2 inches by 4 inches in overall size. This is a fine looking original CDV image of a Union soldier in uniform holding his Belgian rifle.

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