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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
McKeever Pattern Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Cartridge Box With Embossed "US"
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This is a great looking Indian War or even Spanish American War era cartridge box. It is the style that was designed for use with the 45/70 Springfield trapdoor rifle. They were officially known as the U.S. model 1874 cartridge box of the McKeever patent. It has the embossed "US" on the outer flap which stands for United States. It still has the original closure tab and belt loops present on the outside of the box. When you open the box up you see the canvas slips that would hold up to 20 of the cartridges for the trapdoor rifles. The leather along the bottom is in nice shape. These McKeever boxes have the design of the brass support bar holds everything together nicely. This is a nice original piece for the price.

Item #: B9236
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