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Authentic Carbines
Great Looking Authentic Civil War Gallagher Patent Cavalry Carbine
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This is a gun that is seldom found in nice shape like this one! It is a tougher to find Civil War cavalry carbine of the Gallagher patent. This one is a step up from most of the ones that you encounter. The Gallagher carbines have a distinctive appearance because they were made without the forestock that most guns of the time had. When you drop the triggerguard down it moves the whole barrel forward for loading or removing the metallic cartridge. This worked well if you were steadied on the ground but imagine if you were on horseback. The action and mechanics of the gun are all fully functional. The bore of the gun still has rifling all the way down with a nice look. It has the serial number on the lockplate of 13,525 which is in the standard model of production. The later versions were adapted so they could fire the metallic Spencer cartridge. These are early versions have always been more desirable with collectors. It has the patent mark on the lockplate still visible that reads "GALLAGHER PATENTED JULY 17TH 1860" just above the serial number. These guns were made with the Philadelphia manufacturers marking of the firm of Richardson and Overman. According to Flayderman there were only 17,728 of these Gallaghers made in percussion like this one. The front sight is present as is the rear sight is original as well. The walnut wood stock has a very pleasing dark tone all over. These guns are also popular with collectors because of the style that has the iron patchbox on the shoulderstock. On the reverse of the stock it has the saddle bar present with the saddle ring remaining as well. This is a very attractive, original Civil War Gallagher cavalry carbine.

Item #: B8527
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