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Swords Used by the Cavalry Branch of Service
Edged Weapons
Kirschbaum 1840 "Wristbreaker" Cavalry Saber With Knight's Head Maker Mark
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This is a very nice looking original model 1840 pattern Civil War era cavalry saber. They were known as the "Wristbreaker" pattern by collectors because of the thick and quality construction compared to the lighter model 1860 cavalry saber. This one has the makers mark on the blade of the knight's head stamp on the base of the front of the blade. This is the maker's mark of the firm of C.R. Kirschbaum of Solingen Prussia. In the wonderful book Civil War Cavalry and Artillery Saber by Thillmann he has a couple of pages of information about Kirschbaum and their swords. The blade is full-length with a nice gray tone to the metal. Along the edge, you can see the several small shallow service knicks. The guard and pommel have a beautiful untouched thick attic, almost black color to the brass. The top branch of the handguard has a break near where it meets the pommel cap. The leather has been restored on the grip along with the original double twist style wire and now it displays well. The sword is accompanied by the original metal scabbard. The scabbard is complete with both of the rings and mounts intact as well as the drag and throat. This is a very good looking original Civil War cavalry sword for the money.

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