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Authentic Civil War and Earlier Percussion Cap Boxes
Smith Bourn Made Civil War Percussion Capbox In Nice Shape
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This is a great displaying Civil War leather box that held the percussion caps for muskets, pistols or carbines. This one is in very nice shape and has a very attractive look. It has both of the belt loops intact on the back of the box. On the outer flap it has the closure tab and brass finial intact. The outer flap has the "US" stamped into the leather. The finial is still present and functional. The inner flap is nice and has both of the "ears" present on the sides. You can see the tougher to find maker's mark still partially visible on the inner flap. It is from the Smith, Bourn Company of Hartford, Connecticut. According to the maker book they only had a contract to make pieces for the military in 1862 and only made 20,000 sets, which is a small amount for a army of over 3 million men. On the inner pocket still has the vent pick intact. It has had the lamb's wool removed. This was put in at the factory to keep the caps from falling out but the soldiers often removed it to make the caps easier to get out. This is a nice displaying original classic Civil War percussion cap box from a tougher to find maker.

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