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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Wonderfully Designed Paris Made Copper Powder Flask with Rifle Panels
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Here is one of the most beautifully designed powder flasks that I have had in quite a while. This is a gorgeous powder flask from the mid-1800's. This one is a gorgeous copper body flask with the stamped panels on each side. The center of each side has the hunting horn image with the crossed rifles with the hunting bag between them. Along the bottom edge, it has the Paris production location with the maker initials of "J.N.N." in script letters. It has the pair of hanging rings on the sides of the flask body. At the top of the flaks it has the original brass spout with the spring intact and they are fully functional. This one is a beauty from all angles. The flask stands 7-1/4th inches tall and measures 3-1/4th inches across. This one is a keeper!

Item #: B7105
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