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Swords Used by the Cavalry Branch of Service
Edged Weapons
Scarce Experimental Model 1904-05 Ames Made Cavalry Saber Dated 1906
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Here is a sword that you very seldom see offered for sale. It is known to collectors as the "U.S. Model 1904-1905 Experimental Cavalry Saber". This style sword is very well explained on page 30 of the Ames Sword booklet by Ron Hickox. It shows that the U.S. Government ordered 1,039 of these swords as an experimental design. The guards and pommels were made at the Springfield Armory for the Ames Company according to paperwork that has been uncovered. This one has the full-length blade that measures 31.75 inches in length. At the base of the blade it has the Ames Sword Company maker mark of "A.S. Co" and the date of 1906 and the ordnance department bomb design. On the back of the blade it has the vividly clear "US" stamp. The guard and pommel cap are made of iron. This one has the original handle intact with about 50% of the original rayskin grip remaining. All of the wire strands are the original ones and they have a very pleasing look. The sword is missing the scabbard scabbard. This is a nice looking scarce experimental U.S. cavalry saber.

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