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Excavated Civil War Confederate State Uniform Buttons
Rare & Beautiful Excavated VA3 1-Piece Coat Size Virginia State Seal
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This is a beautiful dug Civil War coat size Virginia state seal uniform button. This is the pattern that has the tall convex front with the famous Virginia state seal likeness of the face. It has the Virginia state motto around the edge of "SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS" which translates as "THUS UNTO TYRANTS" On the top edge of the button it has the bold word "VIRGINIA". The face of the button has one of the most beautiful blackish green tone brass colors you will ever encounter. On the back, it appears to have been made without a marking on the back. This was so the retailer could sell the buttons without advertising for the actual button maker. The shank is still intact and solid as a rock on the back. This style is listed as figure VA3 in Albert's button book and VA110a3 in Tice's button book. This is as pretty of a 1-Piece Virginia state seal button as you could ever hope for.

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