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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Rare Durs Egg Patent Sloping Charger Variation Powder Flask
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This is an attractive original Civil War era powder flask. This one has the body has the sides with the unmarked copper body with the brass band holding the two sides together. The metal has a dark ancient attic look. It stands about 8 inches tall and is about 3-1/2 inches across. The spout is present with the original spring. What is special about this flask is that it is the design that has what is known as a "sloping charger". These were made for loading pistols and they are often referred to as the "navy charger". These are much tougher to find than the standard straight charger version. You can still see part of the the patent mark on the side of the brass charger base. It was patented by Durs Egg of England. The Egg family were fine craftsmen that made guns in the early 1800's. This is a variation of the pattern that is used to illustrate flask #847 in Riling's Powder Flask Book. This scarce flask variation has a very attractive well worn overall look!

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