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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Matching 1856 Dated .69 Caliber Remington Civil War Maynard Style Rifle
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This is one of my favorite versions of the Civil War muskets. When the early .69 caliber muskets became outdated because of their flintlock style design the arsenals had to do one of two things with them. They could either get rid of the flintlock guns and buy brand new ones or convert the flintlock muskets to percussion. It was much more economical to convert them to percussion. They converted them in several ways and at several different arsenals. This one was done by one of the most famous converters, the Remington Company that is best known for its high quality revolvers. Remington only did 20,000 of these for the Frankford Arsenal and they all show up with dates of 1856 till 1858.This one has the lockplate date of being an 1856 production. As you can see the lock plate production date is nicely stamped. The lockplates are very distinctive because of the Maynard primer system that was used instead of the percussion cap. On this one the internal feed for the primer system is intact and still fully functional. In addition to the new lockplate they also cut off the breech of the barrel and added the new tang and bolster of the percussion style. The barrel has a nice full-length barrel of 42 inches and it has the rears sight removed long ago. On the tang of the barrel, you can see the correct and matching 1856 production date. The barrel has the bore lands and grooves remaining all the way down but they are very distinct. As you can see the metal parts have a pretty brownish gray color with the attractive surface. It has an original ramrod present in the channel underneath the barrel and it is the correct cup ended rod just as it should be. Both of the two original sling swivels are of still present. The wood is in nice shape with the cartouche still present on the flat of the stock opposite of the lockplate. It has the "JAS" inspector initials which lets us know the gun was a Harpers Ferry produced weapon before Remington did the Conversion. This is a very nice Civil War era conversion .69 caliber muskets from the famous Remington Company with matching 1856 production dates.

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