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Autographs - Confederate
Civil War Documents
Original Autograph of Confederate Robert Hunter of the CS $10 Fame
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This is an authentic autograph of the Confederate statesman Robert Hunter. Hunter had an impressive history in politics before the Civil War even began. Starting in 1837 he was a member of the US House of Representatives. From 1839 until 1841 he served as Speaker of the House and is the youngest person to have ever held that position. In 1853, President Millard Fillmore offered him the position as Secretary of State, but Hunter declined. In 1860 he was the Virginia delegation choice for president, but was defeated by the nomination of Stephen a Douglas. He was expelled from the U.S. Senate for supporting secession. From 1861, 1862. He served as the Confederate states of America's Secretary of State. From 1862 until 1865 he held the position in the Confederate Senate. He is often recognized because his image is on the Confederate states of America $10 bill. The autograph is accompanied by a printed biography of his service as well as a modern Xerox image of Hunter. The paper that the autograph is on an official letter where Hunter signed so it wouldn't have to have postage. He is writing to Robert Hunter, Jr. and this is important because he died in 1861 so we know the signature isn't from after the Civil War. The envelope measures 5-1/4th inches by 2-7/8ths inches in overall size. It is a fine piece of history!

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