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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets of .58 Caliber
Edged Weapons
Scarce U.S. Made Scabbard for the Civil War Used Austrian Rifle Bayonet
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This is a scarce piece in very nice shape. This is the U.S. made model 1857 leather and brass scabbard for the Austrian pattern rifle socket bayonet. We can tell that this one fits the Austrian pattern bayonet because of the circular style opening at the top of the scabbard body. This opening was designed to allow access to the four sided blade of the Austrian pattern bayonet. The leather is in nice displaying condition as you can see in the pictured. At the end of the bayonet it has the original brass scabbard tip present and in nice shape. At the top of the scabbard it has the original belt loop present. It has the two rivet construction and both of the rivets are present and accounted for. It is accompanied by a fine original Austrian bayonet. This is the pattern that shows up on the .54 and .58 caliber Austrian rifles that were utilized by both sides during the Civil War. This one has a full-length blade with the distinctive 4 sides to the blade that lets us know it is an Austrian pattern. The socket is present with the lockring and screw that are fully functioning. The bayonet has the wear that you can tell saw service. The blade has some chips down towards the end. You can see the correct Austrian pattern arsenal from Vienna inspector stamps and proofs up near the socket. This will make a superb addition to your bayonet for the Austrian rifle if yours is missing or if it currently has the standard imported version.

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