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Non-Excavated Confederate Buttons from the Various States
Authentic C.S. Made Copper Back North Carolina State Seal NC8
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This is a wonderful looking original non-excavated Confederate made Civil War coat button for the state of North Carolina. It has the famous North Carolina state seal on the face of the button with the bold "NORTH CAROLINA" across the top edge. The face of this beauty has one of the most wonderful golden tones you will ever find. It has a very nice amount of detail still present on the brass face of the button. The great seal of North Carolina depicts the female figures, Liberty and Plenty. Liberty is holding a liberty pole with her right hand and in her left is a scroll inscribed "Constitution". Plenty grasps a cornucopia with her left hand and wheat with her right hand. These were well made buttons made in the Confederacy for use by the North Carolina troops. The reverse of the button has the original back and shank nicely intact. This is one of the better variations that they made. It was made without a maker mark and production location in the channel of the back but it does have the single star in the channel. Authorities say this is the mark of the firm of Wildt & Klein of Columbus, South Carolina. This is the pattern listed as figure NC8c in Albert's button book and NC210C1 in Tice's button book. This button shows fine Confederate workmanship and will be a solid addition to any Confederate button collection.

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