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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Cool! Half of an Excavated Confederate 3 Inch Mullane Shell
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This is a great looking piece. It is half of an original Confederate artillery shell. This is the style that is known to collectors as the Confederate "Mullane" pattern shell. The body of the shell looks very similar to the Confederate Read shells but the base is completely different. The base would have had the copper sabot (Missing) to take the distinctive rifling from the Confederate cannon. The sabot of these Mullane shells are held on by an iron bolt and this one is missing but you can see the threaded hold that it went into. As you can imagine with this design the sabot and bolt almost always flew off in flight as happened with this one. One of the original three studs that were designed to hold the saber intact at still present. At the top of the shell it has the fuse hole that would have had the wooden fuse holder at one time but is missing as usual with these. This is a great looking half of a Confederate cannon shell that is a scarce style. It is a neat thing to show your friends.

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