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Authentic Civil War and Earlier Percussion Cap Boxes
Civil War Percussion Capbox by Gaylord with Caps & Pick Intact
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This is a great looking piece. It is an original leather percussion cap box for a Civil War musket, pistol or carbine. It is attractive and it is complete. It has the outer flap that has the U.S. government inspector stamp of the Ordnance Department, A.D. Laidley. The back of the box has a couple of letter still visible from the maker's mark from the firm of Emerson Gaylord of Chicopee, Massachusetts. On the innermost compartment it has had the original lamb's wool that was designed to keep the percussion caps from falling out removed. The soldiers often did this to make the caps easier to get out. It has the original the vent pick to clean out the weapon's nipple. It even has some of the original percussion caps inside. On the back of the box it has both of the original leather belt loops still solidly intact. This is a great box all the way around.

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