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Original .56 Caliber Civil War Model 1860 Spencer 7-Shot Cavalry Carbine
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This is an original and classic Civil War 7-shot Spencer cavalry carbine. This is the model 1860 which is the correct model for Civil War use. It has all matching serial numbers of 27,749, which is within in the Civil War production since they started at 11,000 and went to 61,000 before the war ended. The barrel is full-length at 22 inches and it still has nice lands and grooves in the bore rifling. This one is still in the original .56 caliber in bore size. It has the original front and rear sights present. The top of the frame has some of the Spencer markings and Boston, Massachusetts production location still visible. It has "141" stamped to right side of receiver. The action works well on all positions. The magazine tube that held the Spencer cartridges is still present in the back and is in nice shape. It is the correct 1860 version without the ribs. On the flat of the shoulderstock is has the cartouche stamps where the gun was approved for military service by the Government inspector. One of the cartouches looks like it has been overstamped in more modern time to make it clearer. The original sling swivel base is still present on the underside of the stock with the original swivel. This is a very attractive looking complete Civil War Spencer 7-shot cavalry carbine that you can tell was used but not abused.

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