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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Indian Trade Rifle! Wonderful 1856 Dated Enfield Lockplate Northwest Trade Gun
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Here is a great gun! This is a gun that you hear referred to as a "trade" musket. These were assembled for sale or trade with the locals and the locals were often Native Americans. Many of these guns were used by the Indians like the Sioux, Cheyenne and Blackfoot. It has a full-length barrel that measures 36 inches. It is designed with a part round and part octagonal three stage pattern. It has the original front sight intact. The lockplate of the gun still catches on both positions. In front of the hammer it has the desirable marking of the famous "TOWER" arsenal from London and it has the British ordnance Depaterment broad arrow. Below the Tower marking it has the production date of 1856. The stock of the gun has a gorgeous medium tone and is relief carved at the wrist that accents the gun beautifully. It has the classic very large trigger with a matching triggerguard. The buttplate is made of brass with the five screws holding it in place. The pair of ramrod channel guides are intact and are made of brass. The ramrod is an ancient military style replacement. On the backside of the stock opposite of the lockplate it has the beautiful sat brass "golden dragoon" sideplate. The one photo shows a Blackfoot man wearing a breastplate made of golden dragon trade gun sideplates. This is a great gun that has a ton of character!

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