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Authentic Civil War Bullets and Cartridge in Non-Excavated Condition
Base Marked Group of 5 Rimfire Cartridges 38 Caliber Ballard or Wesson Rifles
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This is a very fine original group of 5 metallic rimfire cartridge for a rifle. This style was used in the Wesson, Ballard, Robinson, Howard or other .38 caliber rifles. This style is pictured on page 67 of Logan's cartridge book. The cartridges are 1.38 inches long. On the bottom of the cartridge it has the mark that stands for the cartridge companies. The marks are from the Union Metallic Company, The Peters Company, the U.S. Cartridge Company and the Henry Company. Each of which lets us know that this cartridge is made after the Civil War but not by much. The price quoted is for the 5 exact .38 caliber rimfire carbine cartridges that you see pictured. You get all 5 for only $59.

Item #: B4949
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