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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
FROM THE BOOK! T.W. COFER Marked 14 Gauge Double Barrel Portsmouth, Virginia
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Here is a great looking gun that was used as an illustration piece in the wonderful new book on Confederate & Southern Agent Marked Shotguns by Russ Pritchard, Jr. & John Ashworth, Jr. The book covers the shotguns that were often pressed into military service by Southern soldiers, especially the cavalry. On pages 234 and 235, they have multiple illustrations of this exact gun. It is one of the guns that was sold by the man that is best known for making the Confederate revolvers, T.W. Cofer. Cofer was located in Portsmouth, Virginia and made some of the Whitney pattern revolvers for the Confederacy. In 2016, the revolver with the serial number "1" sold for $149,500. This gun was made in Belgium and brought to Virginia for commercial sale. The bottom of the full-length 29-1/2 inch barrels have the Belgian proof markings. At the breech of the barrel, it has the one thick and one thin silver inlays. Each barrel fires a blast of 14 Gauge or as the English say, 14 Bore. Along the rib of the barrel top it has the desirable marking "T.W. COFER PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA" in a beautiful design and it still retains some of the original gold wash to make the name stand out better. At the breech of the barrels it has the two silver bands. It is designed with the 2 back action style lockplates and they each have the engraving that include floral designs. Both of the lockplates catches on both positions just as they should. The stock is made of a single piece of wood with a beautiful ancient look. One thing that is cool about this gun is that on the belly of the stock it has a beautifully inlaid silver Maltese Cross. This design is often associated with the state of Maryland. This is a cool looking classic style double barrel shotgun with the desirable Portsmouth, Virginia retailer marking of T.W. Cofer.

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