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Currency & Bonds - Confederate Bonds 1863-1865
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Unissued 1863 C.S. Stonewall Jackson Bond Wonderful Ancient Look!
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This is a very nice looking original Confederate States of America savings bond. This one was issued on February 23rd 1863 from the Confederate Capitol at Richmond, Virginia and is so marked at the top of the bond. It was issued for the amount of $1,000. The top portion has the likeness of one of the most famous of all the Confederate Generals Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. This bond was made to honor the fallen Confederate Hero. On the lower section of the top it has the image of the paddlewheel steamer going down the river. What is special about this bond is that it has all of the original interest coupons intact at the bottom of the bond. It was never issued and we know this because it was never hand signed or numbered the top portion as well as the interest coupons. At the bottom of the bond it has all eleven of the original interest coupons still present. At certain dates the coupons could be cashed in to receive your interest from the bond. This piece is nice and clear and will look great framed up on your wall. It displays superbly and is 100% authentic in all regards.

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