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Currency & Bonds - Confederate Bonds 1863-1865
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UNCUT SHEET! Pair of Unissued Late War Confederate $500 Savings Bond
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This is a great piece. It is an uncut sheet containing two authentic Confederate States of America $500.00 savings bond certificate. It was authorized to be printed by the Act of the Confederate Congress that was approved on February 17th 1864 and is so marked in the upper right hand corner. This is the style that has the peaceful scene at the left of the top that shows a man walking over a small bridge. This is the style listed as 364/365-364/365 in the Confederate bond book by Douglas Ball. This one was never signed or issued. These were utilized towards the end of the war when money was scarce and so many of them were never sold. It has all of the blanks still open. Each of the certificate measures approximately 13-3/8ths inches by 7-1/4th inches in overall size. These were never cut and they make a great display. This will make a fine display as it is or it will look even better framed up on you office or relic room wall.

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