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Beautiful Reconstruction 1866 Dated North Carolina $100 Savings Bond
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What a beautiful piece from the State of North Carolina. This is a wonderful original 1866 dated savings bond from the State of North Carolina. This is one of the bonds that were issued for the state during the reconstruction after the War. This one was issued on January 1st 1866 and that date is printed in the center of the top portion. Across the very top it states "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and notes that the State of North Carolina to issue the bond for the sum of $100. This is a bond that was lithographed by the American Bank Note Company in New York. It has their marking along the bottom edge of the top section. It is signed by authority of the State Treasurer and assistant signed by the governor Governor Jonathan Worth signed this bond. Worth was the state treasurer from 1863-65 and then governor from 1865-68. Also at the lower left hand corner it has the image of the North Carolina state seal image. In the upper left corner of the top section it has the Benjamin Franklin image. At the lower portion of the bond it has had all of the interest coupons redeemed. The bond measures 16 inches by 9 inches in overall size. What a wonderful piece of history from the Tar Heel State!

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