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Cased Set! Percussion Knife Pistol like the Unwin & Rogers Design
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Here is one of the neatest weapons of the Civil War era. This is the .30 caliber single shot percussion pistol that also has the 2 knife blades under the barrel. It has the full-length 3-3/8ths inch octagonal barrel that is silver plated. At the breech of the barrel, you can still see the pair of English Style proof markings. The barrel has the original bead style fixed front sight. It has the silver-plated iron frame with the hinged cartridge box in base of butt that opens freely now. It has the polished horn panels on each side of the grip. The trigger comes down of the copper bulge under the barrel. The action no longer works and is priced accordingly. This one is completely unmarked, but it is made in the style of the famous Unwin & Rodgers design. What makes it stand out form other guns is that it features two folding blades on the underside of the gun. The blades are measuring 3-1/8th inches and 2 inches. The base of each blade has the desirable maker markings of the James Rodgers firm in Sheffield, England. The gun comes inside of the fine walnut wood case. The case measures 9-1/2 inches by 6 inches by 2-1/4th inches in size. On the inside panel of the lid it reads: BY HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT / THE CELEBRATED PISTOL KNIFE, / INVENTED AND MANUFACTURED BY / UNWIN AND RODGERS. This label has been added in more modern times but as you can see it looks beautiful with the case. Also inside the red felt partitions of the case, it has the powder flask, oiler and percussion cap tin. It is a great little cased Unwin style knife gun that displays well from all angles.

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