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Wonderful Unissued 1850's "Texas Association" Stock Certificate
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This is a very cool piece! This is an original stock certificate from the "Texas Association.". This is a beautifully designed unused original stock certificate from the 1850's. It is beautifully engraved with decorative borders, the Lone Star of Texas at top center, and a vignette of a brave spearing a buffalo at bottom center. In February 1841, the Texas Congress approved of granting empresario contracts to individuals promising to settle unclaimed public lands belonging to the Republic. President Sam Houston granted Charles Fenton Mercer (1778-1858), of Louisville, Kentucky, a contract to settle at least 100 families a year for five years, beginning in January 1844. Mercer organized the Texas Association to advertise and promote colonization, and sold $500 shares to investors in Virginia, Florida, and Texas. Mercer's association offered 160 acres to families and 80 acres to single men, compared with the 320 acres offered by the adjacent Peters Colony promoters. By the end of the first year of the contract, more than 100 families had complied with the requirements and received land certificates. However, the Mercer Colony's growth was impeded by political wrangling, dishonest land speculators and surveyors, and squatters. Mercer ultimately severed all connections with the grant in February 1852 by assigning his interest in the Texas Association to George Hancock of Louisville, Kentucky. By 1858, Hancock had reorganized the association and issued new stock shares. This lithographed certificate is from that issue. It was printed by Hart, Mapother, & Co. of Louisville, Kentucky. The piece is in superb uncirculated condition as you can see. It measures 10-3/4ths inches by 6-3/4ths inches in overall size.

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