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Beautiful 1830's Shako Helmet with Plate
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What a great looking piece! This pattern of hat is known as a shako, these were very popular in the pre-Civil War era. This one would date from the 1830's to 1840's. These were worn by the well equipped well dresses militia units. On the front of the plate it has the beautiful original military hatplate. It is the stamped plate that went on the front of the military hat for decoration. This is the enlistedman's version of this particular plate. We know this because it is made of stamped brass and then gold gilded. The officer's version is copper with silver wash. This one is like the one illustrated as figure 582 in the wonderful headgear insignia book by Campbell & O'Donnell entitled "American Military Headgear Insignia". The plate is listed as a hatplate that was for volunteer militia. They also state that this plate would have been made circa 1825-1835. This one has a gorgeous look and even has the original attachment loops remaining on the reverse to go along with the plume holder. The face of the plate has the beautiful Union eagle in the center with the laurel branch in one talon and the other holds three lightning bolts. It has the 13 stars on the rays going out from the top of the plate. It has the wonderful motto of "UNITY IS STRENGTH" at the base of the rays. This phrase sets this plate apart from the regular ones. Below the eagle it has the shield design with the 1776 date proudly displayed. This is one of the most beautiful hat plates you will ever find. As for the hat itself, it is similar to the one illustrated at the bottom of page 259 of the book. The body of the hat is made of the high grade leather and has a well worn but very attractive look. The visor of the hat is in fine shape and has the brass border edge still intact. On the sides of the hat it has the stamped brass star style rosettes ornamenting the body of the hat. When you turn the hat over you are greeted by the original sweatband. On the top of the hat it has the remnants of the maker stamping but it is no longer legible. This is a beautiful looking military hat with the "Unity is Strength" hatplate!

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