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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
Long Barrel Original .31 Caliber Wesson & Leavitt Belt Revolver by Mass Arms
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This is a cool gun that you don't see offered that often these days. This is the pattern known to collectors as the Massachusetts Arms Company Wesson & Leavitt Belt Revolver. They only made about 1,000 of the jewels and this one is a nice one. These were made by the firm of Massachusetts Arms Company located in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts and it is so marked along the top of the barrel top strap. They only made them in 1850 and 1851. The original 5 inch barrel is full-length with an attractive look. These longer barrel length versions have always been popular with collectors. The original front sight is still intact on the end of the barrel. The 6 shot cylinder has a nice well worn look with the nipples present and you can see it has been shot quite a bit. The frame and hammer still retains the original engraving as you can see. The lockplate has the matching original engraving and a clear "WESSON'S & LEAVITT PATENT" mark in the center. The action works well on all positions. The triggerguard and grip backstrap are each made of brass with the backstrap having a superb amount of the original silver wash remaining on the metal. The walnut grips are present and made of a furniture grade piece of American Walnut. This is a very attractive example of the tough to find Wesson & Leavitt revolver.

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