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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
RARE Early Version of J. Boyd & Sons .69 Caliber Cartridge Box
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This is a scarce cartridge box and plate! It is the very early pattern U.S. model 1839 cartridge box. This is the style that is photographed and described on 43 to 46 in the Civil War cartridge box book by Paul Johnson. He tells how this is the style that was used for the rifle because it has the single inner tin. The box was designed for the long pattern .69 caliber cartridges. On the back of the box it has the horizontal shoulder strap loops but not the vertical straps like the later boxes. The outer flap was made without the slits so it never used a boxplate. The flap has also been tarred to make it more durable. When you raise the outer flap you are greeted by the inner flap and it was made without the implement compartment. The inner flap has the desirable maker mark from the Boyd & Sons maker in Boston. It proudly reads "MANUFACTURERS OF ARMY ACCOUTREMENTS" inside the large maker mark stamp. The original single cartridge tin is still present on the innermost compartment. On the bottom of the box it was made without the roller buckles. It has the original brass finial present and half of the closure tab is still present. On the back of the box it was originally designed with only belt loops. It was altered to accept a shoulder sling by adding the buttons after removing the belt loops. The leather has stiffened some over the years but as you can see it displays superbly. This is a scarce box and has the very desirable Boyd marked box.

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