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1867 Dated Autographed Letter by the 15th President James Buchanan
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Here is a hand written and autographed letter by James Buchanan (1791-1868). Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States and was the President just before Abraham Lincoln. Buchanan served on term from 1857 until 1861. This one page letter measures 6-1/4th inches by 8 inches in overall size. It was written from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is dated from May 31, 1867. It was written from Wheatland, his home outside Lancaster. This is a letter of recommendation in which Buchanan praises the service of his head servant in the White House. It reads in full: "The Bearer hereof, Wm. Richard Goodchild was in my employment as head servant & waiter at the White House during the period I occupied it. He was a well trained excellent and agreeable servant, & able and willing to turn his hand with satisfaction to any duty assigned to him. His disposition is, I think, very amiable and he always evinced a desire to please. Of course, I have known nothing of him for the last six years." It is very interesting letter showing a former President doing something nice for someone that helped him during his Presidency. He signs it boldly in ink with his full signature "James Buchanan". The letter is accompanied by a modern made xerox image of President Buchanan.

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