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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets of more than .58 Caliber
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Socket Bayonet for the Brown Bess Sea Service Pattern Musket
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Here is a great looking socket bayonet for a musket for the English pattern military musket known as a Brown Bess. It is the style that is described on page 41 of the Skinnerton & Richardson book on British & Commonwealth Bayonets. It has the full-length 17 inch flat top blade. The socket measures 4 inches with the 1.1 inch stud to muzzle size. This particular one has a muzzle ring diameter of 22mm instead of the listed 26mm size. Along the top of the blade it has the maker marking and a couple of proof marks. This is a fine looking bayonet.

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