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Beautiful 1862 C.S. $100 With Slaves Hoeing Cotton Design T-41
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This is a beautiful original 1862 dated Confederate States of America $100 bill. This is the version with the slaves hoeing cotton in the center. In the lower left hand side is the pictures of states'€' rights activist John C. Calhoun. Along the right hand edge is the image that is referred to as the "Confederacy Personified". The note is correctly hand signed and numbered and is 100% authentic. This is one well-designed piece of Confederate currency. If you notice it has the ink date of issuance September 6th 1862 on the upper right front of the note. This is a nice touch on an already cool Confederate note. The paper also has the script style "CSA" watermarking. On the back of the note, it has the markings where the interest was paid on the note. This pattern of note is the version of Confederate currency that is listed as T-41 in Criswell'€'s Confederate currency book. This fine original piece of Confederate history comes in an acid free holder for display and preservation.

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