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Authentic Original Rifle & Musket Bayonets of .58 Caliber
Edged Weapons
1861 Dated Civil War .58 Colt Rifle Socket Bayonet With Scabbard
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This is a good looking non-excavated socket bayonet for the Civil War military .58 caliber rifle. It has a full-length blade with the traces of the "US" stamp at the base of the blade still visible. The Socket is also complete and it has the original lockring present with the original screw intact. The lockring and screw are frozen in place with age. This pattern was designed to fit the U.S. military rifles of the 1855, 1861 and 1863 patterns by Springfield or the muskets made by the contract makers either one. It has an attractive dark tone with a surface that will look fine on many of the guns that are out there. The bayonet is accompanied by a nice and original leather and brass scabbard. The belt loop at the top was removed eons ago. On the bottom of the scabbard it has the original brass finial and scabbard tip intact. What is neat is at the top of the scabbard it has the ancient paper label that reads "Civil War Bayonet 1861". What a neat touch on an already cool bayonet. This bayonet and scabbard will be a solid addition to your gun or just for display by itself.

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