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Single Shot Percussion Pistols
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Scarce 1826 Navy Pistol by Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut
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Here is one that you don't see very often. This is the gun that is officially known as the Model 1826 Naval Pistol. These were made by the Middletown, Connecticut firm of Simeon North. They were only made from 1826 until 1829 and they only produced 3,000 of them. What makes this gun so special is that it is in the original flintlock configuration. The mechanics of the lockplate still catch on each of the two positions. On the lockplate itself, it has the 1828 production date behind the hammer. In front of the hammer, you can clearly see the "US" marking as well as the "S. NORTH" maker marking. The .54 caliber smoothbore barrel is still full-length at 8-5/8ths inches. At the base of the barrel, you can see the sunken "P" proof marking as well as the "US" stamp and the inspector initials of "E.T.". These are the initials of the inspector who approved the gun for military service, Elisha Tobey. There is a spot on the barrel breech but when you scope the barrel, you see that this one is NOT a reconversion. It is in the original flintlock configuration. These guns are created using the 1-piece walnut wood stock. This one has a deep dark color and has a gorgeous look. On the flat of the stock, opposite of the lockplate, it has the original belt hook intact. These guns were designed for use by the navy, so they had the belt hook. They were used with the belt hook instead of using a holster. It has the original ramrod in the channel under the barrel. These guns used the ramrod that had the swivel to keep it from getting lost. This is a tougher to find U.S. naval pistol that is almost 200 years old that is beautiful and in the original flintlock configuration.

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